Indians are being recognized worldwide for their pioneering and spectacular contributions in all facets of life science. In the post-Mendelian era, Indian scientists, working in India or overseas, have made substantial contributions to all areas of genome science including biotechnology and bioinformatics. Now is the right time for all Indians devoted to the multifaceted aspects of genome science to meet on a common, global platform, get to know each other personally and professionally, be proud of each others’ successes, and help each one of us grow taller amongst the world community. This is the vision of Genome India International (GII).


GII was established on January 1, 2005. Its salient objectives include providing an interacting platform and links to useful resources; highlighting contributions of outstanding scientists as ‘role models’; publishing a quality journal; establish an autonomous center on Indian soil for teaching, research and training; fostering bilateral and multinational collaborative endeavors involving India; and act as a converging point for academia, private entrepreneurs, media and national and international funding agencies involved directly or indirectly in genome science.


Our ultimate mission is to hold the Indian flag high in the march past of global endeavors in genome science and its related fields.


We cordially welcome you on this mutually enriching and rewarding journey.


Jai Hind !!!